Fleet Of Berties

“I’m so glad there are no homosexuals in this company. The other lot from the Anthony and Cleopatra play were an absolute fleet of berties.”

– Edward Fox

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Author’s note: Homosexuality, bisexuality, transgender and heterosexuality are treated with the same kind of respect within the confines of this blog. This quote is meant to illustrate Edward Fox’s odd yet hilarious use of the comic phrase ‘fleet of berties’. This post only celebrates Fox’s contribution to the beautiful diversity of the English language. It is in no way meant to ridicule, mock, or insult any individual in any possible way. If anyone were to take offence – which of course you are free to do – please direct your frustration towards the person responsible for the quote, and always provide constructive criticism, because this post has not been published with any intolerance or disrespect in mind.

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