Chaos, Gaia, Ouranos and his Offspring

‘Firstly, the poet Hesiod tells us there was Chaos, the endless darkness of nothingness, the gaping maw, the strange birth of the entire world of souls and those who do not have souls. From it originated Gaia, the earth, and the Tartaros, the underworld deep underneath the surface of the earth; and also Eros, love, the power connecting everything. Gaia begat Ouranos, the heaven, the mountains of the earth and Pontos, the sea. Then heaven and earth married each other. They had eighteen children. Three of them, the Hekatoncheirs, with hundred arms and fifty heads; they stood higher than the highest mountains, and were hideous to gaze upon. Three others, called the Cyclops, had one eye each, round shaped and placed in the middle of the forehead. The twelve older children, six boys and six girls, were properly formed; they were called the Titans.’

– Hoffmann. E. 1971. Goden- en Heldensagen [Sagas of Gods and Heroes] Groningen, The Netherlands: Wolters-Noordhoff (1977) p. 9

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