Philophilia Amoris

Philophilia Amoris: A particular preference or love for an equal friendship mainly stimulated by intellectual, humorous and openly free exchanges enthused by non-committal soft physical contact. The individuals in question allow each other to enter the proxemic intimate so-called close phase. A harmless condition set on fire – its post-reaction residue.”

– Willem Etsenmaker

Based on the concept of philia as coined by Aristotle in his Rhetoric part: (1380b36–1381a2) ‘[…] wanting for someone what one thinks good, for his sake and not for one’s own, and being inclined, so far as one can, to do such things for him.’

1 thought on “Philophilia Amoris

  1. “When a person is emotionally aroused (usually with fear or anger but even joy or elation), a surge of adrenalin puts the entire body into “protective” mode, with changes to the heart, breathing, vision, digestion, palms, etc. One of these is to constrict the blood vessels near the skin (so there will be less bleeding in case of an injury, and more blood to the internal organs). This means that the person loses the warming function of the blood, leading to the shivering reflex, which in turn is designed to counteract the circulation decrease.”

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