The Right of Collation

Præsentatio Sive Collation the right of collation, or the Jus Patronatus in catholic canon law, is the right to recommend a clergyman, vicar, or reverent for appointment.

Queen Wilhelmina of The Netherlands

The hereditary right was abolished in The Netherlands in 1922 on the condition that all holders were allowed to keep the right until their death. Princes Wilhelmina of the Netherlands was the last living holder of the collation right when she died in 1962 in Apeldoorn. There she chose the reverends preaching within the council.

The right of collation was one of the last rights reserved for the noble class. It was hereditary but also tradable. When the Dutch constitution was altered in 1922 it was abolished – excepting the current holders at that time.

On rare occasions a local council possessed the right of collation. In other cases the nobleman responsible delegated the work to the church-elders who presented their final candidate to their local lord.

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