Aeneas and the Origins of Rome

‘So who are these Romans anyway? According to legend Rome was founded by Romulus 753 B.C. However the story starts long before that, dating back to the time of the Trojan War.

Aeneas tells Dido the misfortunes of the Troja...

Aeneas tells Dido the misfortunes of the Trojan War

The ancient city of Troy was captured and destroyed in around 1250 B.C. by a Greek army led by Agamemnon, king of Mycenae. All of its inhabitants were either killed or led into slavery; all, except for a brave band of men led by the Trojan prince. Aeneas. This man, the son of the goddess Venus, was ordered to set out from the burning city, carrying the household gods, with his aged father Anchinses on his back and holding his young son Ascanius (or Iulius) by the hand. After many adventures and a long dangerous journey, Aeneas eventually arrived in Italy where he fought with a local prince, Turnus, for the hand of Lavinia, daughter of king Latinus. After defeating Turnus, Aeneas married the girl and built a new city called Lavinium. These stories are told in Virgil’s great epic poem the Aeneid.

Aeneas’s son, Ascanius, soon left Lavinium and went off to found his own city. It was in this city, Alba Longa, many generations later, that the true founder of Rome, Romulus, was born.’

– Oulton. N.R.R. 2010. So You Really Want To Learn Latin Book I Tenterden, Great Britain: Galore Park Publishing (1999) p. 14

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