24/iv mmxii

The Dik-dik is a miniature antelope that can go months without water but dies after a week without salt.

Blue Whale

Balaenoptera Musculus or Blue Whale

Until the 14th of May 2002 Lithuanian women had to undergo a gynaecological examination as well as a regular driving test in order to acquire a driving licence.

The French philosopher Descartes believed that all humans could live as long as the Biblical patriarchs and that he was on the very brink of discovering a way that would make man live as long again when he died aged 54.

Anthophobia is the fear of flowers.

If you imagine a set of weighing scales and you place an average-sized blue whale on one side of the weighing scales and you have to pile lots of other things on the other side to balance the scales, you would have to use all of the following as counter-weight: half a dozen African elephants, a black rhino, a couple of whale sharks, five Tyrannosaurus Rex, one-hundred world-class Sumo wrestlers, the entire football team of Norwich City and an average-size family van.

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