19/vi mmxii

Michael Portillo, when he was a Tory hopeful, once ran up a newly laid concrete footpath. When the constituent opened the front door, Portillo said he was a Labour party candidate and ran away.

No centipede has ever been discovered with 100 legs. They range from 30-382 legs. It is always an odd number of pairs.



In 1994, 35,000 Americans insured themselves against alien abduction. Most of these insurance policies are bought by others as a joke birthday present.

Purple rhymes with two words – Hirple, meaning ‘Do walk, dragging one leg behind the other. Halfway between a walk and a crawl,’ and Curple, meaning, ‘The hind-quarters of a horse.’

Spam is very popular in Hawaii, there are even spam carving contests held. The word is a portmanteau for ‘Spiced Ham’.

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