Romulus and Remus

Aeneas’ son Ascanius left Lavinium to build his own city, Alba Longa. Many generations later the king of Alba Longa, Proca, died leaving two sons, Numitor and Amulius. The younger son, Amulius, seized the throne from Numitor and locked up his brother’s daughter, Rhea Silvia, forcing her to become a Vestal Virgin. Vestal Virgins were not allowed to marry.

According to legend, the god Mars took pity on Rhea Silvia and ‘visited’ her. Nine months later twin boys, Romulus and Remus, were born, but the babies were immediately discovered and thrown into the river Tiber.

Romulus & Remus

Romulus and Remus, with the She-wolf

However, it so happened that the river was flooded at the time and when the flood subsided, Romulus and Remus were washed up on the river bank where they found by a she-wolf. A few days later the boys were found in the she-wolf’s cave by a shepherd called Faustulus, who brought the boys up as his own and trained them to be shepherds.

Some years later, as in all good stories, Romulus and Remus were recognised by their old grandfather Numitor. This was because the twins became involved in a dispute between shepherds working for King Amulius and those working for their grandfather, Numitor. Some of Numitor’s men dragged Remus before Numitor, accusing him of having stolen some sheep. Numitor thought he recognised the boy, and when Romulus arrived to rescue his brother, and Numitor saw the twins together, he knew that these were his long lost grandsons. He told the twins the story of their birth, and how he himself had been dispossessed by his wicked younger brother. Romulus and Remus were outraged and together they drove Amulius from the kingdom and restored Numitor to the throne.

– Oulton. N.R.R. 2010. So You Really Want To Learn Latin Book I Tenterden, Great Britain: Galore Park Publishing (1999) p. 24

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