Thealogy, the study of religion from a feminist viewpoint, is a neologism coined by Isaac Bonewits in 1974 as a discourse that reflects upon the meaning of a Goddess being and Her relationship to life forms.

Goddess Maat

Egyptian Goddess Maat

It is a discourse that critically engages the beliefs, wisdom, practices, questions, and values of the Goddess community, both past and present. The term suggests a feminist approach to theism and the context of God and gender within Neopaganism. Thealogy asks fundamental questions such as ‘why should God be a man?’

Thealogy could be described as religiously pluralistic, as thealogians come from various religious backgrounds that are often hybrid in nature. In addition to Neopagans, they are also Christian, Jewish, Buddhist, Muslim, Quakers, etcetera, or define themselves as Spiritual Feminists.

As such, the term thealogy has also been used by feminists within mainstream monotheistic religions describe in more detail the feminine aspect of a monotheistic deity or trinity, such as Goddess Herself, or the Heavenly Mother of the Latter Day Saint movement.

1 thought on “Thealogy

  1. The current theology is handed down to us from the Greek and then Roman idea that the soul was feminine while the body or flesh was masculine. In order for a balance of spirit to take place, the Divine needed to be masculine. This is why we have God the Father to this day.

    Mother God was reserved for the warrior, king, and merchant types because they valued the ego and power, thus making their souls masculine. The cults of Mithras and Dionysus follow this path.

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