2/viii mmxii

Scrabble was invented by an unemployed architect called Alfred Butts.

Toys for Christmas

Put three grains of sand inside a cathedral, and the cathedral will be more closely packed with sand than space is with stars.

According to the Pigeonhole Principle there have to be at least two people in the city of Amsterdam, London or New York who have the same number of hairs on their scalp. There can be two or more people who have the identical number of hairs for instance in the smaller Dutch towns of Steenbergen, Stiphout, or Oss, but contrary to the previously cities this is not necessarily true.

The number of people killed by sharks since records began is equal to just five per cent of the number of toilet-related injuries in the USA in 1996.

Both tigers and weasels make a “Fuff” sound when they attack.

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