The Sabine Women

‘Rome quickly filled up with all Romulus’ shepherd friends and a group of criminals, who came seeking sanctuary from the law in their own cities. Bet there weren’t many women. In fact there weren’t any.

Romulus invited girls from the neighbouring tribes to come to Rome but, as you might imagine, their fathers weren’t too keen. So he devised a cunning plan. He organised a festival in the city at which there was to be feasting and games and invited all the neighbouring people to come and watch. Eager to see the new city and to partake in the festivities, hundreds of men, particularly from the nearby Sabine tribe, came to Rome, bringing with them their wives and daughters. At a given signal, Romulus’ men seized the women and carried them off to make them their wives. The men, who had come unarmed, were forced to flee.’

– Oulton. N.R.R. 2010. So You Really Want To Learn Latin Book I Tenterden, Great Britain: Galore Park Publishing (1999) p. 44

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