A person who is opposed to feminism can be called an antifeminist. The movement consists of persons, usually men, who are hostile to sexual equality or to the advocacy of women’s rights.

English: One of the symbols of German Women's ...

One of the symbols of German Women’s movement from the 1970s

Some antifeminists argue that feminism has resulted in changes to society’s previous norms relating to sexuality, which they see as detrimental to so-called traditional values often stemming from conservative religious beliefs. For example, the acceptability of homosexuality, pornography, and casual sex are mentioned as negative consequences of feminism.

Others opposed women’s entry into the workforce, political office, and the voting process, as well as the lessening of male authority in families. Antifeminists argue that a change of women’s roles is a destructive force that endangers the family, or is contrary to religious morals.

On top of that, some antifeminists argue that the feminist movement has achieved its aims and now seeks higher status for women than for men.

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