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The late journalist Bill Deedes’ father, Herbert, inherited Saltwood Castle and thousands of acres of Kent but, unable to cope with life after the Boer War, lost the lot. As his father had no money to educate him, Bill joined the Morning Post in 1931. He thus became the first member of his family for 500 years to do an actual job.

Sheep, Stodmarsh, Kent, England

Sheep, Stodmarsh, Kent, England

25% of the world’s sheep are fat-tailed.

Lard is pig fat. A larder was originally the place where the lard was kept. The word lard comes from the ancient Greek for ‘dainty’.

The German for fat is Schmalz.

The simple origins of Pope Pius X became clear right after his election in 1903, when he wore a pectoral cross made of gilded metal on the day of his coronation. His entourage was horrified, the new pope explained that he always wore it and that he had brought no other with him. Pius X was well known for cutting down on papal ceremonies. He also abolished the custom of the pope dining alone, which had been established by Pope Urban VIII between 1623 and 1644, Pius X invited his friends to eat with him. He was also on one occasion chided by Rome’s social leaders for refusing to make his peasant sisters papal countesses, to which he responded “I have made them sisters of the pope; what more can I do for them?”

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