On Living Well

“‘The best revenge is living well.’ It is a wonderful expression. I just do not know how true it is. You do not see it turning up in a lot of opera plots. ‘Ludwig, maddened by the poisoning of his entire family, wreaks vengeance on Gunther in the third act by living well. Whereupon Woton, upon discovering his deception, wreaks vengeance on Gunther in the third act again by living even better than the Duke.'”

– Niles Crane

5 thoughts on “On Living Well

  1. Well, that’s disappointing. I’ve been trying to live as well as I could in order to exact revenge on my ex. Now that I’ve read this I’ll have to retort to other methods.

  2. I heard a radio phone-in asking, ‘What’s the most spiteful thing you’ve done to hurt an ex?’ Somebody said, ‘I married Angelina Jolie.’

  3. It’s true that living well doesn’t make for operatic plots. But I could quote several real examples in which Person A hated Person B, and wanted B to be unhappy. B in fact was happy and let everybody see that. To A, that was humiliating.

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