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Onions, asparagus, daffodils, yams, hyacinths, garlic, leeks, tulips, chives and the Joshua tree of California (which can grow to be 40 feet tall) are all kinds of lily.

English: This is a photograph of ants taking n...

Taraxacum Officinale or Dandelion

Dandelions contain more Vitamin C and Vitamin A than almost any other fruit or vegetable.

A part of the Maricopa County jail in Phoenix Arizona has been built with old Korean War materials, mainly tents. The tent prison holds roughly 2,000 inmates. It may seem like a welcome change from the cramped confines of a cell, but the intense Arizona heat causes the tents to reach maximums of 65 degrees Celsius. Prisoners are allowed to de-robe to their underwear, but everyone is required by the warden to wear pink undergarments.

All parts of the daffodil are poisonous. There have been several cases of death by daffodil poisoning in which the bulbs were eaten in mistake for onions.

There are more than 250,000 known species of flowering plants.

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