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The first armoured cars (commissioned by Winston Churchill in WWI) were Rolls Royces fitted with three and a half tons of armour plate and a machine gun.

Flag of Greece

Flag of Greece also known as the ‘Sky Blue-White’

A bullet fired straight up in the air loses about 90% of its speed on the way back down, giving it the energy of a brick dropped from a height of about four feet.

The nine blue and white stripes of the Greek flag stand for the nine syllables of the slogan of the war of independence from Turkey, Eleutheria i Thanatos ‘Freedom or Death’.

On the night that Alexander the Great was born, a man from Ephesus called Eratostratus, or Herostratus, or Erostratus, burned down of the Temple of Diana – one of the Seven Wonders of the World – so that no one would ever forget his name.

The 3rd Infantry Regiment of the French Foreign Legion is stationed in the town of Kourou, French Guiana. Ironically, its base is in the Forget neighbourhood.

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