The Will to Suffering and the Compassionate

(338) ‘[…] Live ignorant of that which seems to thy age to be most important! Put at least the skin of three centuries betwixt thyself and the present day! And the clamour of the present day, the noise of wars and revolutions, ought to be a murmur to thee! Thou wilt also want to help, but only those whose distress thou entirely under-standest, because they have one sorrow and one hope in common with thee – thy friends: and only in the way that thou helpest thyself: – I want to make them more courageous, more enduring, more simple, more joyful! I want to teach them that which at present so few understand, and the preachers of fellowship in sorrow least of all: – namely, fellowship in joy!’

– Nietzsche. F. 1882. The Joyful Wisdom (Die fröhliche Wissenschaft) New York, United States: The Macmillan Company (1924) p. 268

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