On Hitler’s Dictatorship

“Hitler’s dictatorship differed in one fundamental point from all its predecessors in history. His was the first dictatorship in the present period of technical development, a dictatorship which made complete use of all technical means for the domination of its own country. Through technical means like the radio and the loud-speaker, eighty million people were deprived of independent thought. It was thereby possible to subject them to the will of one man.”

– Albert Speer

2 thoughts on “On Hitler’s Dictatorship

  1. I don’t believe that, especially now living in the 21rst century. It is absolutely startling how brainwashed we all are. Unlike in Hitler’s day, we have internet, TV, magazines, the media, advertising, think tanks, everything hitting us 24/7, relentlessly. We’re all subjected whether we want to be or not. They can make us buy products they want, vote for candidates they want, worry about issues they want us to worry about and so much of it happens on such a subconscious level that we aren’t even aware of it.

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