The Generosity of the Sufferer

‘”How odd,” said Mary, “that they should send two notes. Well, if Mr Harding becomes fashionable, the world is going to change.”

Her brother understood immediately the nature and intention of the peace-offering; but it was not so easy for him to behave well in the matter, as it was for Mr Harding. It is much less difficult for the sufferer to be generous than for the oppressor.’

– Trollope. A. 1855. The Warden London, Great Britain: Longmans, Green, and Co. p. 57-58

4 thoughts on “The Generosity of the Sufferer

  1. Hmmm. What bothers me the most are do-gooders, those who attempt to feel self righteous and morally superior towards others, not with a servant’s heart, but from a desire to maintain their own dominance. Those kind of people are often some of the worst oppressors around.

    It’s complicated stuff, but generosity is not always coming from a place of love and empathy.

  2. I feel phrases like “servant’s heart” should be treated with extreme care. After all, what is such a thing and how is it to be defined?
    Having said that, on the whole I agree with you. In fact, I think the idea that there might not be something like a selfless deed is very interesting. Debatable, but interesting.

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