English Is A Complex Language (iii)

English is a complex language. Meanings of words are constantly changing and new definitions arise all the time. See if you can spot some new meanings in the alphabetic list below.

Baffle [Verb.]
Eating waffles in the morning.

Bees [Noun.]
Philosophy: school of existentialism.

Buttress [Noun.]
Anal mistress.

Comedian [Noun.]
Witty Soviet.

Explain [Noun.]
Wreckage of an aeronautical accident.

Fashions [Noun.]
Effeminate racists.

Forego [Verb.]
Regular human intercourse. See also: Forelay.

Friendship [Noun.]
Chaste boating holiday.

Geology [Noun.]
Study of g’s.

Host [Adj.]
Most prostitute like.

Impeccable [Adj.]
Well protected from birds.

Intervention [Noun.]
Between two “ventions”.

Job market [Noun.]
Economics: prostitutionary clientèle.

Key figure [Noun.]
Unknown island resident.

Mail armour [Noun.]
Pepper spray.

Methodology [Noun.]
Study of class A narcotics. See also: Mythology.

Moonshine [Noun.]
Ass polish.

Niceties [Noun.]
E.g. London and Amsterdam.

Ornithologist [Noun.]
Professor of women.

Pussyhound [Noun.]
Breed of cat and dog.

Rampart [Noun.]
John Thomas.

Scansion [Noun.]
Villa with socially deplorable residents.

Verb [Noun.]
I know, the word verb is a noun.

Woman [Noun.]
Woe of man.

Workload [Noun.]
Economics: shift termination of a prostitute.

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4 thoughts on “English Is A Complex Language (iii)

  1. Very funny, in a droll wit sort of way! I will quite likely plagiarize a couple.

  2. LOL, it’s very true, English is a complicated language. Sometimes I wonder why we haven’t yet invented anything better than words to communicate. I mean we try, there is art and music, but language is so inadequate for the kind of ideas we’re trying to convey.

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