Ancient Greek You Know (α)

Learning about the Classics can enrich one’s life enormously. Indeed, for some, understanding Greek is a κτῆμα ἐς ἀεί, a “possession for eternity”. Interestingly, most people tend to know more Ancient Greek than they might expect. Consider the following words:

ἀγορά – agora meaning ‘marketplace’; agoraphobia, fear of public places.

αδερφός – adelphos meaning ‘brother’; Philadelphia, the city of brotherly love.

ἄνθρωπος – anthropos meaning ‘man’; anthropology.

βιβλίος – biblios meaning ‘book’; bibliophile.

δώρο – doro meaning ‘gift’; donate.

ἐξ / ἐκ – ex meaning ‘out’; ecstatic, standing out of oneself.

ἐν – in meaning ‘in’; energy.

ἔργον – ergon meaning ‘work’; energy.

θεός – theos meaning ‘god’; theology.

καί – kai meaning ‘and’; triskaidekaphobia, literally, ‘the fear of three and ten’.

λόγος – logos meaning ‘word’; logic.

μάχη – makhe meaning ‘battle’; tauromachy i.e. bullfight.

νῆσος – nesos meaning ‘island’; Polynesia.

ὁδός – odos meaning ‘road’; odometer, an instrument that measures distance.

οἶκος – oikos meaning ‘house’; economics, that is, managing household finances.

τέχνη – tekhne meaning ‘art’; technology.

ψυχή – psykhe meaning ‘soul’; psychology.

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4 thoughts on “Ancient Greek You Know (α)

  1. As well as, “pneuma” – “breath” (sometimes, “spirit”) – from whence comes pneumatic.

  2. Don’t worry. More will be upcoming.

    Don’t leave out, “porneia” —

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