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The official US State sport of South Dakota, Wyoming and Texas is Rodeo.

“Waltzing Matilda” is not about dancing, nor about a girl called Matilda. It is Aussie slang for drifting around the outback on foot with a bedroll – your ‘matilda’ – slung around your shoulder.

The Greeks introduced the olive to Italy around 600 BCE.

The 1982 American comedy series Police Squad!, which starred Leslie Nielsen and was produced by ABC, was cancelled after just six episodes. Then-ABC entertainment president Tony Thomopoulos said “Police Squad! was cancelled because the viewer had to watch it in order to appreciate it.” What Thomopoulos meant was that the viewer had to actually pay close attention to the show in order to get much of the humour, while most other TV shows did not demand as much effort from the viewer. In its annual Cheers and Jeers issue, TV Guide magazine quite rightly called the explanation for the cancellation “the most stupid reason a network ever gave for ending a series.”

Catherine the Great was famous for making five mistakes in a word containing only three letters. Not being a native Russian speaker, she once misspelled the word ‘eщё’ as ‘истчо’.

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3 thoughts on “18/vi mmxiv

  1. Apparently I saw those episodes, and they were very cleverly written. One “running gag” consisted of one police officer who was so tall, that his neck and head were never seen, as they were always above the frame.

    I’m sure I would be roundly criticized by most Americans if I listed what, in my opinion, have been the stupidest sitcoms on American television – they would include:
    1. the immensely popular “Seinfeld,” where four self-absorbed 30-somethings proved weekly how shallow they were.
    2. “Family Guy,” where a self-absorbed father’s main contribution lies in sex and fart jokes.
    3. “American Dad,” about a self-absorbed, secret agent, father and husband.
    4. “The Big Bang Theory,” about four 20-something (although the lead character is a young-looking 40) self-absorbed brainiacs who are otherwise clueless about life.

    Recently, at least, it would appear that the key to fabricating a successful sitcom in America, lies in creating characters as mindless and self-absorbed as the viewers.

    Somewhere, here in America, assuming he still lives 50 years after the fact, one man, an NBC executive, goes to bed every night, shaking his head and saying sadly to himself – “I canceled ‘Star Trek’.”

  2. I do not care about the others you list, but I will stick up for Seinfeld. If you ever find the time, please read “Seinfeld and Philosophy” – it is a very stimulating read, a collection of essays by contemporary philosophers on various aspects of the show. There’s a lot more to that show than immediately meets the eye.

  3. I try as much as I can to be fair. Although I rarely watched “Seinfeld” when the show was current, once production ended and the show went into reruns, a local station ran it, beginning to end, every night, five days per week, thus I was able to watch the entire series in little more than a year. I kept track of my reactions – I have a great sense of humor, but watching the entire ten years of the series, I smiled three times, nearly smiled once, and laughed out loud one time. I guess that’s why Baskin Robbins makes 31 flavors —

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