English Is A Complex Language (v)

English is a complex language. Meanings of words are constantly changing and new definitions arise all the time. See if you can spot some new meanings in the alphabetic list below.

Accelerate [Verb.]
To chop celery quickly.

Debrief [Verb.]
To remove underwear.

Defer [Verb.]
To remove animal body hair.

Delay [Verb.]
To stop having intercourse.

Delight [Verb.]
To darken.

Deliver [Verb.]
To remove someone’s liver.

Desiccation [Verb.]
To recover from illness.

Desist [Verb.]
To kill someone’s sister.

Petition [Noun.]
Petite Greek man.

Zealousness [Noun.]
French jealousy.

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3 thoughts on “English Is A Complex Language (v)

  1. LOL, that was cute. Communicating in English is unbelievably difficult, especially if you start getting into sub texting and the way words have multiple and often contradictory meanings. Kids, teen agers, like to redefine language and make it their own, so they can try to speak in codes.

    I often find myself rather surprised that we haven’t yet invented a more accurate form of communication. Words are so inadequate. Maybe we’ll just talk in pictures someday, except a picture tells and thousand stories, so I don’t know how that will work. Maybe we’ll just telepathically communicate ideas.

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