18/ix mmxiv

Squirrels are from the family Sciuridae meaning ‘he who sits in the shadow of his tail’.

At the start of the Cuban revolution, Fidel Castro boarded a ship called the ‘grandma’.

Jiang Qing, the wife of Chairman Mao had a pet monkey who was her constant companion. She dressed it in silk, fed it fine foods and trained it to attack people as they walked through her garden.

Mafia means ‘beautiful’ in Sicilian dialect.

Currently, the Dutch spend about 5% of their national budget on defence every year. Nevertheless, the Dutch have never successfully defended their land territory in their nation’s existence.

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  1. Another item from the things I’ll bet you didn’t know department:

    Switzerland, a traditionally neutral country, is defended by a professional and civilian militia composed of 650,000 citizen soldiers. Every able-bodied man is part of the Swiss Army. If you chose not to bear arms as a part of the army, you are taxed or required to perform some other services. Woman can also serve. They are organized like American militia of old – individual weapons are taken home and kept at the ready. The mountainous countyside has built in kill zones and traps. Roads and crossings are marked for destruction to stop invaders.

    So rest easy, all of your money in those numbered accounts is perfectly safe.

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