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A sequoia seed weighs less than 1/3000 of an ounce. The tree that develops from it may eventually weigh 65 billion times as much.

The Peruvian Uros people live on man-made islands on Lake Titicaca.

More than half of the coastline of the entire United States is in Alaska.

Attempting to swim to England from France has been illegal for 17 years.

On December 23, 1986, The Miami Herald reported the following: “The Herald erroneously reported that original Dolphin Johnny Holmes had been an insurance salesman in Raleigh, NC, that he had won the New York lottery in 1982 and lost the money in a land swindle, that he had been charged with vehicular homicide but acquitted because his mother said the drove the car, and that he stated that the funniest thing he ever saw was Flipper spouting water on George Wilson. Each of these items was erroneous material published inadvertently. He was not an insurance salesman in Raleigh, did not win the lottery, neither he nor his mother was charged or involved in any way with a vehicular homicide, and he made no comment about Flipper or George Wilson. The Herald regrets the errors.”

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