Seven Days (i)

In the end,
There was Earth, and it was with form and beauty.
And Man dwelt upon the lands of the Earth, among the meadows and the trees, and he said,
“Let us build our dwellings in this place of beauty.”
And he built cities and covered the Earth with concrete and steel.
And the meadows were gone.
And Man said, “It is good.”

Kenneth Ross (Reprinted from The Idaho Wildlife Review, May-June, 1967)

1 thought on “Seven Days (i)

  1. Kuba,
    Thank you for reprinting Mr. Ross’ poignant and possibly prophetic poem, “GENESIS . . . last chapter,” obviously in installments. For some time now, I have tried reaching Mr. Ross, but as a publication, The Idaho Wildlife Review no longer exists, and I’ve called every Kenneth Ross in the entire state of Idaho, to no avail.
    ~ archaeopteryx ~

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