Eros is the romantic and erotic love. It is based on sex and powerful magnetism. It’s the one which can get us into the most trouble. It can turn into other kinds of love – but it starts as romance and attraction.Eros

The primary kind of love was eros, named after the Greek god of fertility, and it represented the idea of sexual passion and desire.

Interestingly, the Greeks didn’t always think of it as something positive, as we tend to do today.

In fact, eros was viewed as a dangerous, fiery, and irrational form of love that could take hold of you and possess you.

“Everything in the world is about sex except sex. Sex is about power.”
– Oscar Wilde

Eros involved a loss of control that frightened the Greeks. Which is odd, because losing control is precisely what many people now seek in a relationship. Don’t we all hope to fall “madly” in love?

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3 thoughts on “Eros

  1. According to many neurologists, we are all drug addicts – we’re attracted to the one who gives us the greatest sustained dopamine rush! Yeah, I know, kinda takes the romance out of it —

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