Ancient Greek You Know (β)

Learning about the Classics can enrich one’s life enormously. Indeed, for some, understanding Greek is a κτῆμα ἐς ἀεί, a “possession for eternity”. Interestingly, people tend to know more Ancient Greek than they think. Consider the following words:

ἄγγελος – angelos meaning ‘messenger’; angel, a metaphysical spirit.

ἀπό – apo meaning ‘away from’; apogee, farthest point from the Earth.

ἐΰ – eu meaning ‘well’; eugenics, science of well produced babies.

ζῷον – zóon meaning ‘animal’; zoology, biology of the animal kingdom.

ξένος – xenos meaning ‘foreigner’; xenophobia, the fear of foreigners.

οὐ – oe meaning ‘not’; utopia, an ideal and imaginary place.

παράpara meaning ‘from / at / to’; parallel, lines beside each other.

πόλεμος – polemos meaning ‘war’; polemic, a warlike saying.

στέφανος – stephanos meaning ‘crown’; Stephen, common European name.

φίλος – philos meaning ‘friend’; philosophy, the study of wisdom.

χρυσός  – krysos meaning ‘gold’; chrysanthemum, a golden flower.

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