Ancient Greek You Know (γ)

Learning about the Classics can enrich one’s life enormously. Indeed, for some, understanding Greek is a κτῆμα ἐς ἀεί, a “possession for eternity”. Interestingly, people tend to know more Ancient Greek than they think. Consider the following words:

ἆθλον – athlon meaning ‘prize’; athlete.

ἀντί – anti meaning ‘instead of’; anti, a preposition indicating opposition.

γράφω – grapho meaning ‘I write’; graphic, e.g. descriptive.

δῆμος – demos meaning ‘people’; demo, an example of a product.

δημοκρατία – demokratia meaning ‘democracy’; democracy.

διά – dia meaning ‘through; on account of’; diagonal, joining two non-adjacent vertices.

εἰρήνη – eirehneh meaning ‘peace’; Irene, common European name.

ἐκκλησία – eklesia meaning ‘assembly’; ecclesiastical, pertaining to a church.

νίκη – nikeh meaning ‘victory’; Nike, a type of missile; well-known brand of sportswear.

ὀφθαλμός – ophthalmos meaning ‘eye’; ophthalmologist, eye doctor.

παύω – pauo meaning ‘I stop’; pause, to stop or interrupt.

περί – peri meaning ‘about; around’; perimeter, the outer limits of an area.

φυλάττω – phylatto meaning ‘I guard’; prophylactic, a preventive.

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