On Conversations

“No one really listens to anyone else, and if you try it for a while you’ll see why.”

– Mignon McLaughlin

4 thoughts on “On Conversations

  1. I need your knowledge (archaeological)- I plead with you as a new blog friend to spare the talk of faith that is happening- but merely present my fundamentalist “friend” with historical facts lol…you really present this well I have to admit!! 😎It was that blog (David’s theology) and in particular his post on theology lol. You’re probably going to giggle but I do need someone who knows their history better than I do to point out the errors πŸ˜‰ I’m going to get ark as well…David (and all other literalists) need to see he can and will be challenged for very valid reasons…I appreciate you!! 😊

  2. Dear reader,
    Let me first say that I am warmed by your flattering, and I am glad to hear you like what we do here.
    As for you query about another blog (presumably called David’s Theology), I do not quite understand what you are asking of me. What is your questions exactly?

  3. I asked David- show me archaeological proof of Exodus- of which he could not. He responded something about nothing in the Bible has been disproven etc- as to which we have since been in quite the heated discussion- and I am a person of faith and because I questioned the lack of evidence he basically damned me to “hell” because I do not read the Bible literally lol. And then I asked him where people go that never knew about Jesus? And I asked him where hell was etc…anyway- what I need from yall is archaeological evidence (I saw you or someone from this blog presenting in posts) that challenges some things in the Bible to show him that archaeology goes against the grain- and my point (from a philosophical standpoint) is faith cannot be factualized…and you can believe in evidence, history, facts, archaeology- and still follow the message of Jesus- of which he is bitterly opposed to my personal “belief” lol…and bitterly denies science and history.
    I need a person that articulates evidence well- I read your posts and Ark’s- and they are pertinent and needed in this discussion. Thank you 😎😊

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