On A Wasted Day

“I hold every day lost, when I do not acquire some new knowledge of man and nature.”

– Sir William ‘Oriental’ Jones

9 thoughts on “On A Wasted Day

  1. Fortunately, Knowledge Guild saves me from that horrible fate!

  2. No I did not take it. I don’t think I’ve ever seen a Little Owl in the wild, let alone two.

  3. We get Eagle Owls at our spot and I have been fortunate to get lots of shots. Not as good as this, by any stretch of the imagination,but a treat just to have the opportunity to snap them.

  4. Ark is being uncharacteristically modest – these are from his own back yard:

  5. It’s interesting that these pictures should come up, lately I have been wondering whether the site could be expanded with a more visual page: I was thinking along the lines of a Nat. Geo. kind of theme with stunning images, intriguing art and interesting graphs. What do you think?

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