On Control

“To control your cow, give it a bigger pasture.”

– Roshi Suzuki

3 thoughts on “On Control

  1. I do not think that is quite what Suzuki had in mind, but you make a good point: give the people the illusion of freedom and they will be less likely to stand up for themselves. This should worry us.

  2. I’ve lived too long to be given to worry for it is a truism that what will be “must” be, but there is another saying in line with this one: “You cannot free the slave who believes he is already free.” Freedom (there is no such thing in actuality, but using the term comparatively) is found where people are fighting for it, standing up for it. Those who believe they are free live in accommodation with the powers that be; in complacent acquiescence. Those make the best of slaves. I have often compared the N. Am. populations to cattle in a feed lot – as long as there’s enough oats and hay, no one’s butting on the fences to try and bring them down and no one’s all that interested in wondering why they are being fed for doing little else but polluting. When the oats and hay become scarcer that will change, if too late to do much, if any good.

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