Ten Million Years

Not taking into account the first 1,000,000 years, the following events make up a very brief overview of the next 10,000,000 years:

  • [+1,450,000] Galactic Near Miss: The star Gliese 710 will pass about 1.1 light years from the Sun. Close enough to perturb the Oort cloud, triggering penetration of comets into the inner solar system.
  • [+4,000,000] Pioneer 11: The probe will pass the Lambda Aquilea system, 125 light years from Earth.
  • [+5,000,000] Men Extinct: The Y chromosome will have weakened to the point of crumbling – making men impossible.
  • [+7,200,000] Mount Rushmore: Mount Rushmore will have eroded away.
  • [+8,400,000] LAGEOS Re-entry: The satellite’s orbits are programmed to decay and re-enter Earth’s atmosphere carrying messages and maps to future descendents of humanity.
  • [+10,000,000] New Ocean: The Red Sea will flood, dividing the continent of Africa.
  • [+10,000,000] Earth Irradiated: Star T Pyxidi, 3,260 light years away goes supernova. Close enough to bathe the planet with gamma radiation, triggering mass extinctions.

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2 thoughts on “Ten Million Years

  1. You’ve certainly given me a lot to look forward to, but after Gliese, does anything else really matter?

  2. Though this is interesting and I love reading and studying this kind of information- it makes me ever so glad I personally become extinct before any of this happens 😉😄

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