One Billion Years

Not taking into account the first 100,000,000 years, the following events make up a very brief overview of the next 1,000,000,000 years:

  • [+150,000,000] Atlantic Ocean Shrinks: America and Africa will start moving back until they collide.
  • [+240,000,000] Galactic Orbit: The solar system will have completed an entire orbit around the Milky Way.
  • [+250,000,000] All Continents Fused: All the continents will have fused into a new supercontinent along the lines of either Novopangea, Amasia or Pangea Proxima.
  • [+600,000,000] End Of C3 Photosynthesis: One of the three types of photosynthesis will no longer be possible; 99% of species will die out.
  • [+600,000,000] Total Solar Eclipses Impossible: Tidal accelerations will push the moon too far away from the Earth for total eclipses to be possible.
  • [+800,000,000] End Of C4 Photosynthesis: C4 photosynthesis will no longer be possible; all multicellular life will die out.
  • [+1,000,000,000] Game Over: The sun’s luminosity will increase by 10%, the Earth’s surface temperature will therefore rise to 47 degrees centigrade. As a result, all oceans will evaporate and the atmosphere will become a “moist greenhouse” – small pockets of water may still exist near the poles, allowing simple life.

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