In order to celebrate Knowledge Guild’s 2000th post, we are going to take a closer look at the number 2000. Do not worry, it is not as dull as it sounds.

  • A blue whale has 2,000 times more cells than a human, which has 30 trillion cells. Despite having more cells, blue whales suffer from cancer less. This is known as Peto’s Paradox.
  • A new type of beetle is discovered at roughly one an hour. Since 1700, the rate has been no more than six hours. There are 2,000 coleopterists in the world and 10,000,000 species of beetle, making up around two-thirds of all insects.
  • If 2,000 coleopterists discovered four new species of beetle per day, it would take them three-and-a-half years to discover 10 million species.
  • A spider eats 2,000 bugs a year.
  • Another famous amateur Olympian is Eric “The Eel” Moussambani from Equatorial Guinea. He was a swimmer in the 2000 Summer Olympics who had never seen an Olympic sized swimming pool until the games.
  • British actor Brian Blessed is the oldest man to go to the North Pole; he is also a black belt in judo, a boxing champion (he once boxed with the Dalai Lama), and he keeps overs 2,000 animals in his house and gardens in Surrey.
  • Dates on films are given in Roman numerals so that it makes it harder to tell what year they were made. Early Hollywood film makers were worried that people would not see a film made only a few years ago, so they used the numerals, which before the year 2000 used all different kinds of numerals and made it more difficult to deciper.
  • Doner kebabs are one of the most unhealthy foods sold in Britain. The average doner has 1,000 calories, which is half a woman’s daily allowance, but some have 2,000 calories. An average doner also has 98% of the daily allowance of salt and 148% of the recommended daily allowance of saturated fat. “Doner” is Turkish for a spit.
  • Edward Craven Walker, the inventor of the Lava-lamp died in 2000. Of his invention he said: “It starts from nothing, grows possibly a little feminine, then a little masculine, then breaks up and has children. It’s a sexy thing.”
  • For nearly 2,000 years, cockfighting was Britain’s national sport. Every village had a cockpit. Expressions that come from cockfighting include, “show a clean pair of heels”, “well heeled”, “to pit someone against” and “being game”.
  • If Barbie was 5’6″, her feet would be size three, her breasts would be 39 inches and she would fall flat on her face. She also lacks the 17-22% body fat that would allow her to menstruate. She got a naval in 2000. Her first words were in 1992. Amongst them were, “Will we ever have enough clothes”, “I like shopping” and, “Math is tough.”
  • In Japan they use various household cleaners and pesticides to make hydrogen sulphide and it is a very common form of suicide. A single breath will kill you. There have been over 2,000 “detergent suicides” recorded in Japan since 2005. The other side-effect of this method of suicide is that you do not notice the first smell, because it kills the olfactory system, so it usually kills 80% of people who turn at the scene of the suicide who are also killed by the gas left over.
  • In Kyrgyzstan there was a forest, possibly planted by WWII German prisoners of war, which when it grew up was shaped like a swastika. There was another forest swastika in Brandenburg, Prussia, which used larch trees that turned yellow at a particular time of year so the swastika was only visible for a brief period each year. It was possibly planted by enthusiastic Hitler Youths. In modern day Germany anything seen to promote Nazism is illegal so the trees were cut down in 2000.
  • In the South American Republic of Guyana, between 2000-2005, 0% of the country’s rainforest has been cut down, because a new tree is planted for every one which is cut.
  • The mammal with the most cells in its body is the blue whale, because it is the largest animal in the world. This question is given especially to Alan, who for once gets a question about the blue whale right, which results in him scoring lots of bonus points which he does not want. A blue whale has 2,000 times more cells than a human, which has 30 trillion cells. Despite having more cells, blue whales suffer from cancer less. This is known as Peto’s Paradox.
  • The speaker of the Swazi Parliament was sacked in 2000 after he stole a cowpat belonging to the King, Mswati III.

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  1. Congratulations on your milestone. Now if you had only done that 15 years ago —

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