In sexology, there are numerous terms for the attraction to transgender people. The most common variety is the attraction of men who identify themselves as straight or bisexual to transgender women; in the academic world, these men are often (rather originally) referred to as men sexually interested in transwomen (MSTW). This phenomenon is known as gynemimetophilia:

Gynemimesis is a subtype of gender transposition or gender dysphoria in which a person with male anatomy and morphology lives in society as a woman without genital sex-reassignment surgery, and with or without taking female sex-hormonal therapy. The lover of such a person is a gynemimetophile. The corresponding terms that apply to the female are andromimesis and andromimetophile. In most large cities of the West there exists an unnamed gynemimetic community that corresponds to the social institution of hijras in India and xanith in Oman.’

– Weinberg, M. S.; Williams, C. J. (2010). “Men Sexually Interested in Transwomen (MSTW): Gendered Embodiment and the Construction of Sexual Desire”. Journal of Sex Research 47 (4)

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