Ancient Greek You Know (δ)

Learning about the Classics can enrich one’s life enormously. Indeed, for some, understanding Greek is a κτῆμα ἐς ἀεί, a “possession for eternity”. Interestingly, people tend to be more familiar with Ancient Greek than they know. Consider the following words:

ἄξιος – axios meaning ‘worthy’; axiom, an assumption whose worth is evident.

ἀρχή – arkhe meaning ‘beginning’, ‘rule’ or ’empire’; anarchy, the absence of rule.

διδάκω – didako meaning ‘to teach’; didactics, the art of teaching.

δίκη – dike meaning ‘justice’; theodicy, a vindication of divine justice.

ἡμέρα – hemera meaning ‘day’; ephemeral, lasting only for a day.

θάλαττα – thalatta meaning ‘sea’; thalassocracy, the rule over the sea.

θάπτω – thapto meaning ‘to bury’; epitath, inscription where someone is buried.

κακός – kakos meaning ‘bad’, ‘evil’; cacophony, discordant sounds.

καλός – kalos meaning ‘beautiful’, ‘noble’ or ‘good’; callisthenics, healthy exercises.

μετά – meta meaning ‘with’, ‘after’; metaphysics, things beyond the physical realm.

μοῖρα – moira meaning ‘fate’; merit, the portion with one deserves.

Μοῦσα – mousa meaning ‘Muse’; music, an art which the muses superintended.

ὅπλον – hoplon meaning ‘tool’, ‘weapons’; panoply, an array of weapons.

πάλαι – palai meaning ‘long ago’; Palaeolithic, the old Stone Age.

ποιητής – poietes meaning ‘poet’; a person who writes poems.

πολίτης – polites meaning ‘citizen’; politics, certain manoeuvres between people.

συν – syn meaning ‘plus’; synchronize, to time things together with another.

τάττω – tatto meaning ‘station’, ‘appoint’; syntax, the way words are drawn up.

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