Alien Activity

Tim: I’ve found the file, Jilly.
Jill: What have you come up with Taylor?
Tim: According to my underground sources, this is the triangulated center of all alien activity in the western hemisphere.
Jill: Easily explained by swamp gas, weather balloons, mass delusional hysteria?
Tim: Why do you respond to everything I say with scientific mumbo jumbo?
Jill: Because everything you say is pie-in-the-sky paranormal saucer-head idiocy.
Tim: The truth is out there.
Jill: No. You’re the one that’s out there.

Home Improvement (1997) Series 7, Episode 22; “Believe it or Not” [No. 173]

1 thought on “Alien Activity

  1. Interestingly, the X Files series is being reprised next season, with the original cast. I’ll be watching. If there IS anyone out there, it’s obvious they’re ignoring us, but it’s fun to pretend. I’d be more wary of encountering aliens with a book entitled, “To Serve Man” it’s a recipe for Soylent Green.

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