On Describing a Woman

“A gentleman is a someone who can describe Sophia Loren without using gestures.”

– Michel Audiard

5 thoughts on “On Describing a Woman

  1. This particular quotation is a translation from the French “Un gentleman, c’est celui qui est capable de décrire Sophia Loren sans faire de geste.” British comedian Arthur Smith once said that the French football coach Gerard Houllier told him another take on Audiard’s line: “Un gentleman c’est une homme qui décrit une femme sans les mains.” which translates as ‘A gentleman is a man who can describe a woman without using his hands.’

  2. Is drooling a gesture?

    She was, and still is, one of the most beautiful women in the world – age can never eradicate true beauty – and in that category, I would have to include Audrey Hepburn and Leslie Caron.

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