Shaving Myth?

“Shaving your hair makes it thicker.”

False. Old wives’ tale.

Regrown hair is not thicker, coarser, or darker, it just appears so because it is no longer tapered. Consider, if shaving caused all those things, wouldn’t hair continue to grow thicker until individual sprouting follicles looked like hedgehog-like keratin spikes?

See other: Mythconceptions?

4 thoughts on “Shaving Myth?

  1. In ancient Egypt, priests used to shave their entire bodies in order to “purify” themselves, which in reality meant that there was no place for body lice to hide.

    And let me tell you, when it grows back in, it itches like you wouldn’t believe!

  2. Going off the theory that it does, the by shaving wouldn’t men instead stretch hair follicles open to horrific sizes?
    Imagine a world where that was a thing…

    I think when they say
    “Thicker and coarser” there talking about hair on certain parts of the anatomy…

  3. They as in, anyone who says it, the that be being… you know… rude bits… stuff that ups this post to a pg rating!

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