The First Sex

Origin of mating
1.2 billion years ago?

Between 1.8 billion and 800 million years ago, the fossil record looks fairly dull – so much so that the period is called the ‘Boring Billion’. But behind the scenes plenty was happening. For one thing sex may have evolved for the first time. It’s not clear why, or when, some organisms stopped simply dividing in two and started the messy business of sex. But it was definitely going on 1.2 billion years ago: there are fossils of red algae from that time that were clearly forming specialised sex cells such as spores.

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8 thoughts on “The First Sex

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  2. I thought you meant the adverb, as in ‘as well’, not the affirmation, as in ‘am too’; which, if I’m not mistaken, is an Americanism.

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