The Cambrian Explosion

Evolutionary leaps
535 million years ago

Soon after animals evolved, evolution went through two major growth spurts. In the Cambrian Explosion, it seems almost every group of modern animals appeared within tens of millions of years. This apparent ‘explosion’ may be partly down to better fossilisation, as many animals now had hard shells. Then 489 million years ago, each animal group expanded in the Great Ordovician Biodiversification Event.

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3 thoughts on “The Cambrian Explosion

  1. I’ve always found it fascinating – probably because I once raised horses – that the horse evolved on the North American continent. Some traveled along the ice bridge across the Bering Straight during the Ice Age into Asia, then into Europe. Then the ones in North America went extinct, likely due to overhunting by the indigenous population, which next encountered the horse when they were imported from Europe by the Spanish. Quite the circuitous route —

  2. Amazing to learn this. I’d never heard of the evolutionary and migratory history of the horse

  3. And THAT’S why people come to the Knowledge Guild – the brothel of the mind!

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