Topsham [Noun.]

Topsham is a suburb of Exeter in the county of Devon, England.

There is some difference of opinion on the correct pronunciation of the town. Generally it is referred to as “topshum” /ˈtɒpʃəm/ with the sh sounded as in shoe. The local pronunciation amongst older native Devonians, however, is “topsum” /ˈtɒpsəm/ with the s being sounded as in some and the -ham suffix being reduced to um.

‘Topsham, brougham, renown, but known,
Knowledge, done, lone, gone, none, tone,’
– Gerard Nolst Trenité, The Chaos


2 thoughts on “Topsham [Noun.]

  1. I’ve no doubt that Arkenaten could tell us, should he deign to share his experience of growing up British —

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