On Transparent Walls

“Were the walls of our meat industry to become transparent, literally or even figuratively, we would not long continue to raise, kill, and eat animals the way we do.”

– Michael Pollan

9 thoughts on “On Transparent Walls

  1. On a wider scale, it could be argued that transparent walls would realize a substantial change in public opinion if they were fitted in schools, factories, hospitals, churches, companies and government buildings.

  2. “If slaughterhouses had glass walls, everyone would be a vegetarian.”― Paul McCartney

  3. Pollan still advocates an omnivore diet including meat, eggs, and dairy. He’s not vegetarian.

  4. True. He merely seems to advocate a more critical look at animal cruelty. Now, that is a good point in itself, but I like the principle of the quotation, “if some practices were more transparent, people would view them differently.”

  5. I agree wholeheartedly. We have a couple of his books on the shelf. He certainly does advocate for free range and more organic food production.

  6. Yes, and besides increasing animal welfare, since we begin to know more and more about the effects of additives and such, the organic alternative becomes increasingly important.

  7. I’ve visited a slaughter house and agree that it’s not a pretty sight, but every living thing maintains its life at the expense of the death of another organism. If we could somehow absorb our needs from the atmosphere, nothing – plant nor animal – would have to die, but such is not the case.

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