Truthful Portraiture

Sutherland: It’s art. It’s not personal.

Churchill: Well, you are a lost soul. A narcissist without direction or certainty.

Sutherland: Please, sir. Don’t overreact. Give it time. I showed those sketches to your wife throughout. She remarked on how accurate they were.

Churchill: That is the whole point. It is not a reasonably truthful image of me!

Sutherland: It is, sir.

Churchill: It is not! It is cruel!

Sutherland: Age is cruel! If you see decay, it’s because there’s decay. If you see frailty, it’s because there’s frailty. I can’t be blamed for what is. And I refuse to hide and disguise what I see. If you’re engaged in a fight with something, then it’s not with me. It’s with your own blindness.

The Crown (2016) Season 1, Episode 9; “Assassins” [No. 9]

1 thought on “Truthful Portraiture

  1. Mrs Churchill: Oh, and it’s going to be Graham Sutherland.

    Churchill: Who?

    Mrs Churchill: The painter. – To paint your portrait.

    Churchill: What portrait?

    Mrs Churchill: It’s the official portrait commissioned by both Houses. It’s your present.

    Churchill: Sutherland? Never heard of him.

    Mrs Churchill: He’s got quite the reputation. He’s a modernist.

    Churchill: Oh. Not sure I can trust a modernist with an English name. Give me a German modernist. Or an Italian. They’re the ones who have to start all over again. Whatever would an Englishman want to change?

    The Crown (2016) Season 1, Episode 9; “Assassins” [No. 9]

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