2 thoughts on “Question #7

  1. I’d say yes. Consciousness and Mind are the emergent properties of the biological functioning of the physical brain and it’s chemical reactions

  2. Mind is chemical reactions as much as computer software is electrical signals or a novel is ink on paper.

    I think it’s useful to separate abstract ideas from specific objects they describe or from the media on which they are recorded. An idea of a tree can be found in a book outline, in zoological taxonomy, in genealogy, in a file system, etc. Just as an idea of number two can be represented by two fingers, two cups, two pencils, etc. It’s clear that number two is neither fingers nor cups nor pencils. The same information can be written on a CD or a flash memory card. The information is clearly not the CD and not the card. A novel can be printed in a paper book, audio book, or an ebook. It’s not just words either. A novel can be published in different languages or even as a comic book without words at all.

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