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Canadian singer-songwriter Neil Young is listed as a co-inventor on seven U.S. Patents related to model trains.

Louis XIV of France

Louis XIV of France

On 26 November 1867, due to a loophole in the law, Lily Maxwell became the first woman to vote in a British parliamentary election. As it turned out, British women would have to wait to 1928 to get the vote.

The Photocorynus Spiniceps is the smallest known vertebrate, a quarter of an inch long, about half a million times smaller than the female.

On the 27 October 1662, much in need of money, Charles II sells the strategic port of Dunkirk to Louis XIV of France.

When American Republican politician Newt Gingrich was running as a presidential candidate in January 2012, he presented the idea of making the moon into the 51st member of the United States. He also proposed to establish a permanent colony on the moon by 2020 to reinvigorate the American Space Program.

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More than 50 national flags have five-pointed stars on.

Atlantic cod fisheries have collapsed

The Gadus Morhua or Atlantic Cod

New Zealand is famous for trout fishing, but before the British colonised it, there were no trout anywhere in the country.

A sole can live cheerfully at a depth of 35,800 feet (10,933m).

Codfish can be up to six feet long and weigh more than 200 pounds.

Catfish have more tastebuds than any other creature. Their entire bodies are covered with them. A catfish just six inches long has more than a quarter of a million tastebuds, not just in its mouth and gills, but on its whiskers, fins, back, belly, sides and tail.

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The great majority of European freshwater fish are members of the carp family, including: carp, tench, bream, gudgeon, barbel, dace, rudd, roach, chub, minnows and goldfish. Carp have 98 chromosomes. Humans have only 46.

English: Great white shark at Isla Guadalupe, ...

A Carcharodon Carcharias or Great white shark with several other fish at Isla Guadalupe, Mexico

There are more species of freshwater fish in Lake Nyasa in Malawi than there are in the whole of Australia.

Mediaeval rabbis spent a good deal of time debating whether, during the Flood, fish were left to fend for themselves or whether Noah dutifully brought them on board in an aquarium.

According to the FBI, the odds of two people having identical fingerprints are 1 in 64,000,000. In June 2002, a corpse turned up near Las Vegas. A fingerprint taken from the body matched one from Kathleen Hatfield of Sonoma County, California. Next of kin were notified, funeral arrangements were made and her grave was dug. But before the body could be interred, Kathleen Hatfield turned up alive and well.

The scientific study of fingerprints is called dermatoglyphics, a word which has the distinction of being the longest in English with no repeated letters. The only other such word is uncopyrightable.

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Tonic Immobility‏

Some sharks can be placed in a tonic state when flipped over. The shark remains in this state of paralysis for an average of fifteen minutes before it recovers.

English: Great white shark in captivity in the...

Carcharodon Carcharias or Great white shark in captivity in the Monterey Bay Aquarium

Scientists believe that tonic immobility, displayed by sharks, may be linked with defence, because female sharks seem more responsive than others. During tonic immobility, the dorsal fins straighten, and both breathing and muscle contractions become more steady and relaxed.

In some cases though, tonic immobility may prove a real danger for sharks. In the first recorded eye witness case of predation on a great white shark in the wild by a species (other than humans) a female orca (also known as the killer whale) was seen purposely inducing tonic immobility in a great white shark by tipping the shark upside down; this kept the shark still for fifteen minutes, causing it to suffocate and die.

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A game very similar to golf was played in ancient China more than five hundred years before its first known mention in Scotland.


A Ferret

Goldfish are much more intelligent than they look and enjoy music.

Nobody knows where the word golf comes from.

The world record ferret legging (keeping a live ferret in your trousers) is 5 hours and 26 minutes.

Tish, the world’s oldest known goldfish, was 43. He was won at a funfair in Doncaster in 1956 and buried in a yoghurt pot in the garden of his owner in Thirsk, Yorkshire in 1999.

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Goldfish have perfectly good memories and are smart enough to be trained to swim through hoops.

English: An image of a Common goldfish

Carassius Auratus Auratus or Common Goldfish

Most goldfish are not gold.

Johann Wolfgang von Goethe is estimated to have had an IQ of 185.

The ancient Greek word tragomaskalos means ‘with armpits smelling like a he-goat’.

According to tradition, Jimmu was the first emperor of Japan reigning between 711 BC and 585 BC. His father was the god Ugayafukiaezu, short for Amatsuhitaka-hiko’nakisatake-ugayafukiaezu-no-Mikoto.

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The diet of a Blue Whale consists of eating 3 tonnes of krill every day.

An octopus can be taught to unscrew the lids of jars and bottles. However, they forget after a day, so they have to learn it every day.

John Henry Anderson, the Great Wizard of the North, was the first magician to pull a rabbit out of a hat.

Both Hans Christian Andersen and Joseph Stalin were the sons of a cobbler and a washerwoman.

There are 18 churches in the world who claim to have Christ’s foreskin as a relic.