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The Spanish have a wider range of foods flavoured with almonds than any other country in the world.

Vibrissae near the nose and above the eyes of ...

The Phoca Vitulina or Harbor Seal

Bats are the only mammals that can fly, but a quarter of all species of mammals are bats.

Aerodontia is the branch of dentistry dealing with dental problems caused by flying.

Raspberries, blackberries, strawberries, cherries, plums, apples and pears are all kinds of rose.

In order to gain one pound in weight, a seal has to indirectly consume 10,000 pounds of tiny marine plants called phytoplankton. The 10,000 pounds of phytoplankton are eaten by 1000 pounds of tiny marine animals called zooplankton, which in turn are eaten by 100 pounds of small fish such as herring or anchovies, which provide food for 10 pounds of larger fish, which are eaten by the aforementioned seal.

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Seedless Watermelon

How do you get a seedless watermelon? In a word – colchicine. The chemical, derived from the crocus and developed to treat and prevent gout since ancient Egypt, has found a niche in plant biology because of the way it impacts chromosome development.

Citrullus Lanatus or Watermelon

Citrullus Lanatus or Watermelon

Research form the University of North Carolina concluded the following: when young watermelon plants are treated with colchicine, the eggs in the flowers develop with two sets of chromosomes (2n), instead of one. When the eggs are pollinated, they create triploid cells. These cells are capable of maturing into fruit, but the seeds in that fruit are not genetically viable – so they can’t be fertilized and develop the hard, black seed coat.

Hence, you get the little thin white “seeds” that you see in seedless watermelon, as opposed to the hard black ones good for spitting. As research journalists have put it: basically, it’s the watermelon version of the mule.

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No birds have teeth, but baby birds have an ‘egg-tooth’ – a small hard growth which they use to break out of their shells and which falls off soon after hatching.

Phoenix dactylifera

Phoenix Dactylifera

The smallest trees in the world are the dwarf willows that grow on the tundra of Greenland. They are only two inches tall.

Most of the dozen or so species of date palms in the genus Phoenix (family Palmae) are grown as ornamental plants. Only the common date palm, Phoenix dactylifera is grown for its fruit.

Johann Gregor Mendel (1822-84) is known as the ‘Father of Genetics’. For eight years (1856-63) he studied peas, growing over 10,000 pea plants and carefully noting the results.

Red kangaroos give birth to only one baby at a time, but have a spare fertilised egg in their bodies. If the first baby dies, the second egg develops into a fully- grown kangaroo.

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On The Medieval Diet

‘Today, we are urged to stop eating fast foods with all the nutrition of cardboard and to eat five portions of fruit and vegetables a day. This is actually a return to the peasant diet – a diet that was despised by the nobility. They regarded fruit and veg as the poor man’s food, believing that greens weren’t good for you and that fruit gave you dysentery – the bloody flux.

Peasant bread was much healthier than our white, steam-baked, sliced bread: it was brown, like a good wholemeal loaf. Peas and beans were sometimes added, which made it even more nutritious. In the fields people ate a kind of medieval pot-noodle, a paste of dried vegetables, beans and bread to which they added ale to turn it into an instant meal. Eel pasties were another favourite, and preserved foods such as bacon, cheese and sausages were special treats.

Even for the poorest, the countryside was a larder teeming with wildlife. Rivers were full of fish – there were even plenty of salmon in the Thames – and peasants had elaborate nets and traps to catch songbirds, eels and rabbits. […]

In fact the medieval diet, with lots of coarse grains and grit in the bread, was much better for human teeth than our own. It means they were worn down to a flat plane leaving no room for food to fester. But fossilised plaque in some skeletons’ teeth does suggest that many of the people at Wharram Percy had suffered from bad breath. This was a bit of an issue in medieval times; in Wales a peasant women could divorce her husband on the grounds of his halitosis.’

– Jones. T., Ereira. A. 2004. Terry Jones’ Medieval Lives London, Great Britain: BBC Books (2005) p. 28-29

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Tomatoes were originally yellow: hence the Italian name pomodoro meaning ‘golden apple’. Red tomatoes came later, discovered in Mexico by two Jesuit priests who brought their seeds back to Europe.


Citrus Paradisi or Grapefruit

In the 16th century, Duke Cosimo III of Florence, who was a vegetarian, had 232 different varieties of pear served at his court in a single year.

The Italians make a brand of lemonade called Dribly, and in Greece you can buy a lemon-and-lime drink called Zit.

Latin has no word for ‘lemon’.

Grapefruit have nothing to do with grapes. They don’t taste or look like grapes. The word is a mistranslation from the French grappe-fruit meaning ‘bunch-fruit’ or ‘cluster-fruit’. Grapefruit grow in clusters on trees.

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Pomology is the study of edible fruit. Carpology is the study of fruit whether they are edible or not.

Common culinary fruits.

Common fruit

Tomatoes, as everyone knows, are fruits not vegetables. Fewer people know that avocadoes, pumpkins, coconuts, cucumbers, peas, beans (green as well as all other beans), peppers, corn, aubergines, squash and all kinds of nuts are also fruits.

The frilled shark holds the world record for the longest pregnancy in nature: three years.

One of the exhibits at the Great Exhibition of 1851 was a vacuum coffin that preserved the body long enough for far-flung friends to attend the funeral.

For some unknown reason, people nearly always cut apples in half vertically. If you cut one in half horizontally, the core makes the shape of a perfect five- pointed star.

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Kiwifruit use up more than their own weight in aviation fuel getting from New Zealand to Europe.


Foeniculum Vulgare or Fennel

According to Andrew Marshall’s writings on Burma in The Trouser People, the Burmese idiom, “Excuse me sir, but I see your department store is open, even on weekends,” means, “Your fly is open.”

Finocchio (fennel) is Italian street slang for a homosexual.

Sheep are castrated without breaking the skin.

Andrew Graham-Dixon discovered that the painter Caravaggio accidentally killed Ranuccio Tomassoni on a tennis court. He was merely attempting to cut off his testicles.

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The average American eats nearly twenty pounds of fresh apples a year.

Millstätter Genesis - Arche Noah

Noah’s ark

Most astronauts become two inches taller in space.

Cairo is Arabic for ‘Mars’.

The groundbreaking architect Frank Lloyd Wright built 484 buildings. He lived to be 92 and practised for 72 years.

God allowed Noah to eat animals, a right he had previously denied to Adam and Eve. Compare Genesis 9:2-3 and Genesis 1:29-30 respectively.