Forced to Love

Nelson: ‘I fear you’? This is what Valentine’s Day means to you?

Bart: This is what it means to everyone. How can you be forced to say ‘I love you’? People only give Valentines because they’re scared of what would happen if they didn’t.

– The Simpsons (2013) Season 25, Episode 11; “Specs and the City” [No. 541]

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There is a community in Ontario, Canada, called Moose Factory. It is located on Moose Factory Island, near the mouth of the Moose River.

Between 1934 and 1968, the Catholic censorship guidelines that had led to the Motion Picture Production Code forbade Hollywood films to show innuendo, infidelity, nudity, sexual hygiene, prostitution, homosexuality, drugs, interracial relations, white slavery, and ridicule of the clergy.

An excerpt of Sir Roger Moore’s Twitter account description once read 007. Saint. UNICEF Ambassador.

Over 25,000 people died on the First Day of the Somme.

In The Simpsons (Season 5, Episode 5) “Treehouse of Horror IV”, Homer Simpson is put on trial by the Devil. The jury consists of Benedict Arnold, Lizzy Borden, Richard Nixon, John Wilkes Booth, Blackbeard the Pirate, John Herbert Dillinger, and the starting line-up of the 1976 Philadelphia Flyers.

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Church Marquees in The Simpsons

Listed below is a collection of messages displayed at the marquee of The First Church of Springfield as featured in The Simpsons:

  • Private Wedding, Please Worship Elsewhere [Episode No. 102]
  • No Synagogue Parking [No. 170]
  • Next Sunday: The Miracle Of Shame [No. 175]
  • Today’s Topic: He Knows What You Did Last Summer [No. 213]
  • Today’s Topic: There’s Something About The Virgin Mary [No. 234]
  • Today’s Topic: Life In Hell [No. 237]
  • If You Were A Pastor, You’d Be Home By Now! [No. 290]
  • Welcome Pissed-Off Catholics [No. 298]
  • Now with only nine commandments! [No. 314]
  • We Welcome Other Faiths (Just Kidding) [No. 328]
  • Rapture Threat Level: Orange [No. 343]
  • Today: Bobble-Head Moses Giveaway [No. 355]
  • Quit St3aling Our L3tt3rs [No. 359]
  • Today’s Topic: Jesus Hates You [No. 372]
  • Today: Church Council Meeting Topic: Religion [No. 377]
  • Today: Shadrach, The Other Friend Of Meshach [No. 435]
  • Free Wi-Fi During Sermon [No. 455]
  • We’ve Run Out Of Consoling Phrases [No. 503]
  • Communion in 30 minutes or less or your service is free! [No. 514]
  • Jesus on Twitter: #idiedforyoursins [No. 526]