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In Argentina, it was forbidden to say “Juan Domingo Perón” after the coup that deposed him in 1955; the media referred to him as the “Deposed Tyrant”.

Orang-utan means ‘person of the forest’ in Malay.

Liquorice is used in Chinese medicine.

94% of happy, healthy participants, when placed in a totally silent room developed tinnitus.

At the age of 100, Teiichi Igarashi became the oldest person to climb Mount Fuji – in his socks.

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The universe is shaped like a vuvuzela.

The Queen of England is the legal owner of one-sixth of the Earth’s land surface.

The average Japanese watches an average of 4 hours and 29 minutes of television every day – the highest in the world. Americans are ranked second – 4 hours and 25 minutes.

Everybody expected the Spanish inquisition – they were legally obliged to give 30 days’ notice.

About 3000 people so far have reached the top of the 29,035 ft. peak of Mount Everest. Those people and others who attempted the ascent left over 100 tons of trash. There are about 120 corpses left on the mountain. The rate of success is about one death for every 10 successful ascents.

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Mount Parnassus is named after Parnassos, the son of the nymph Kleodora and the man Kleopompus. A city, of which Parnassos was leader, was flooded by torrential rains. The citizens ran from the flood, following wolves’ howling, up the mountain slope. There the survivors built another city, and called it Lykoreia, which in Greek means ‘the howling of the wolves’.

English: Mount Parnassus, Greece.

Mount Parnassus, Greece

While Orpheus was living with his mother and his eight beautiful aunts on Parnassus, he met Apollo who was courting the laughing muse Thalia. Apollo became fond of Orpheus and gave him a little golden lyre, and taught him to play it. Orpheus’s mother taught him to make verses for singing. As the Oracle of Delphi was sacred to the god Apollo, so did the mountain itself become associated with Apollo.

According to some traditions, Parnassus was the site of the fountain Castalia and the home of the Muses; according to other traditions, that honour fell to Mount Helicon, another mountain in the same range. As the home of the Muses, Parnassus became known as the home of poetry, music, and learning.

Parnassus was also the home of Pegasus, the winged horse of Bellerophon.